Xiaomi MiUi 14

Xiaomi MIUI 14 launched Very Soon

MIUI 13 was released in December 2013. Information about Xiaomi MIUI 14 has begun to be made available. As Xiaomi, we have compiled a list of Xiaomi Redmi, POCO, and Redmi products that could get MIUI 14. Additionally, we have been announcing the first Xiaomi MIUI 14 builds.

MIUI 13.5 was anticipated between MIUI 13-MIUI 14, and there were leakages. However, Xiaomi was surprised to reveal MIUI 14 version. Everybody is excited about the MIUI 14 variant’s new design language. For decades, MIUI has been upgrading variants as 1 variation optimization and 1 variation redesign. As optimization variations, MIUI 12 and MIUI 13 were released after the MIUI 12 variant.

With a brand new design language, MIUI 14 is here. Xiaomi today announced further information on MIUI 14. This confirms our leakages. With the Xiaomi 13 Show, we will unveil the new software. We will also reveal all MIUI14 variations. Continue reading this article to learn more about the MIUI 14 software’s innovations!

Xiaomi MiUi 14

Xiaomi launched the MIUI 14 version!

Xiaomi launched the MIUI 14 software. This software was anticipated for a long time. This function enabled us to start to see the brand-new software. We were able to get some more information about the software. These included reducing the number of system apps. It was now able to uninstall many of the system apps. The new MIUI has many other features. Last week, the new photon engines were launched. Further information regarding this photon engine was recently released. Apps from third parties are believed to decrease energy consumption by 22 percent.

The kernel has been improved to improve system performance. The brand-new Android os13 version has a 88% increase in system fluency. Energy consumption has been reduced by 16%. Under the Razor project title, there are many improvements. One of these is to decrease system size. The machine size has been reduced by 23%, along with the previous MIUI 13. The MIUI Photonic Motor function supports models with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8Gen1,8+, 8Gen2, and 8Gen2 potato chips. Xiaomi 13, Xiaomi Ultra, Xiaomi Xiaomi Mix 2, Xiaomi 12S professional, and Xiaomi 12S Professional are the first supported models. It is essential to update the Douyin APP and the Weibo APP to version 23.6.0 and higher.

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These were complemented by minor updates, privacy improvements, and other enhancements. Xiaomi’s latest announcement stated that flagship Xiaomi phones will receive the MIUI 14 upgrade during the first quarter.

Many smartphones are going to be updated with MIUI 14. We will inform you about the new developments in MIUI 14. This is all the information that we currently know. The MIUI Downloader application allows you to access the first MIUI 14 betas. Or, you could always check out our MIUI download telegram channel. To access MIUI Downloader and MIUI Install Telegram Channel, click here. What would you guys consider MIUI 14 to be? Please share your opinions.

MIUI 14 is just around the corner!

MIUI 14 will be available tomorrow. This will also include the Xiaomi 13 showcase. New information was released just moments before the software’s introduction. They will be mainly based on optimizations made in the Linux kernel. It is incredible to see the photon engine, which could include MIUI 14.

The photon engine optimizations have made fluency and security somewhat better. Xiaomi reported fluency increasing by 88% while power consumption was reduced by 16%. This is just one example. This software introduces a brand-new design language. The MIUI 14 changelog now contains awesome icons. Xiaomi has now added more information.

Xiaomi was inspired by iOS and created new icons. With superheroes, your property display looks more trendy. You can change the icon size as often as you like. The new, redesigned MIUI interface will amaze you in terms of design. You might also be interested in the first smartphones to get MIUI 14. The initial beta MIUI 14 updates for 25 smartphones will be available tomorrow.

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