WhatsApp to bring ‘view once’ feature to Text Msg’s

WhatsApp’s “View Once” feature allows you to send pictures and videos that disappear once the receiver has seen them. However, it may soon be possible to also use standard text-based communication. WABetaInfo reported that it found proof of an in-development function within WhatsApp’s Android OS application. This could one day allow users to send only viewable communications until they disappear to the ether.

Similar to the current “View as soon as,” the new functionality could one day help send sensitive and painful information that you don’t want a recipient of your message to have ongoing access to, such as passwords or bank card details. WhatsApp used the example of someone sending a photo of their Wi-Fi login details to announce View as soon as for pictures and videos. It is easy to imagine the exact same information being sent as a disappearing message.

WhatsApp offers a “View Once” function that allows you to make every message in a chat disappear after a specific period. The new “View Once” feature will only connect to a particular message and not a whole discussion. A note might disappear after being seen or after a specific time.

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WABetaInfo reports as the function could one day be available via a button in the application. The controller will have the standard forward message logo design and a padlock. This design could change as the function is still in development and has yet to be available to beta testers.

WhatsApp representatives declined to comment on WABetaInfo’s report in the future feature. It is, therefore, still being determined when, if ever, it will be officially available.

You can see the advantages and disadvantages of buying the media function. It is interesting to note that the process disappears from the chatbox as soon as you make it available. You can’t save it in your photo gallery, and you don’t have the option to forward it to other people. You can keep some things. Images and videos can be used immediately; that is where the View once mode comes in handy. For example, if you are standing in front of an ATM and have forgotten your pin for some strange reason, your friend can ask you a question and create your pin on paper. Then, your friend will deliver it to you as View once news. You wouldn’t want to keep your ATM pin in your phone’s call field forever. Imagine if your phone is stolen at the last moment, and you wouldn’t want the thief to see your ATM pin.

WhatsApp warned users that View once media could only be sent to trusted associates when it was introduced. Because the screen detection function is not compatible with View once media, this feature won’t work. This means you will never know if the receiver took a screenshot of your news. Screenshots are one of many options. A screen recorder can also be used to capture the information and then share it with others.

We’ve now explained how to use the function to send photos and videos to your friends using View as soon as possible.

Notably, if you don’t start the message within 2 weeks, the news will remain in your chatbox for a few days. The report will be deleted immediately after the expiry of two weeks. WhatsApp stated that View once information is protected using end-to-end encryption. This means WhatsApp cannot see them as the truth when used in individual communications.

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