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Rotor X Aircraft unveils the DRAGON Ultralight eVTOL

Rotor X Aerocraft Manufacturing has opened pre-orders for the Dragon flying vehicle. American Dragon aircraft, an 8-rotor Dragon, has a maximum carry weight of 113kg and a flight time of up to 20 mins. It also boasts a speed of up 101 km/h.

Here’s the Bottom Line

The manufacturer used to manufacture equipment for assembling two-seat aircraft. But, the manufacturer recently became interested in the vertical take-off & landing passenger vehicle market. The Dragon model will be available for everyone to purchase in less than a month. According to the company, at least.
The Dragon has two groups of propellers. A 16-kW electric motor powers each propeller. According to the company, the aircraft can fly for up 20 minutes in the air and is suitable for pilots of up to 113 kilograms.

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The electric plane can reach speeds of 101 km/h. According to the manufacturer of the Dragon, it has an electronic joystick that controls the aircraft, automatic landing support, and an emergency parachute.

Rotor X eTransporter Specs

  • Max Air Speed: Over 160 mph TAS (10,000 ft)
  • High-Speed Cruise: 140 mph TAS (10,000 ft)
  • Empty Weight: 6,400 lb. (including batteries)
  • Max Takeoff Weight: 8,000 lb.
  • Max Payload (passengers or cargo): 1,600 lb.
  • HOGE: Over 20,000 ft
  • Range: Over 200 nm with 1,600 lbs. of payload.
  • Ceiling: Over 25,000 feet
  • Passengers: 1 Pilot, 5 Passengers (FAA Experimental Rated, 1-2 crew & 7 passengers when fully certified)
  • Max endurance: Over 1.5 hours
  • Max Range: Up to 200 nm
Image Source: New Atlas

What Price and When Can We Expect It?

The Dragon was priced at $99,000. The company is willing to reduce the price of the Dragon by $14,000 if you pre-order and make a $19.500 deposit. Deliveries will begin in the second half of summer 2023.

American helicopter manufacturer RotorX has entered the personal electric horizontal take-off and land (VTOL) competition, New Atlas reported.

The dragon can be controlled manually via a joystick, automatically hovers at the desired position, and automatically lands. The aircraft has 8 coaxial propellers, and each propeller has a 16-kW electric motor. RotorX equips each aircraft with a parachute for safety. The vehicle can be operated by anyone without a pilot’s permit.
Dragon is an eVTOL version of Jetson One. The Swedish company Jetson Aero has developed a similar model. Dragon also comes with written and video instructions and tools. Advanced Tactics, located in California, allows users to assemble the eVTOL with the assistance of experts.

RotorX will start shipping to buyers on August 20, 2023. The Jetson One sells for $92,000. However, the Dragon will likely sell at $99,000. RotorX allows pre-orders by depositing $19,500 and selling for $85,000

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