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Is Hades II coming out?

We’re not here for the Game Awards, which took place yesterday. We’re here to talk about Supergiant Games’ surprise announcement of Hades II, breaking with its “no sequel” tradition and proving once again how attractive their characters are. They’re hot and have interesting historical lore to boot.

While the 2020 action-roguelike Hades had Zagreus fighting his way up from Hades (the spot) to meet his estranged biomom Persephone in the place, Hades II saw Zag’s sister Melione descend into the Underworld and beating up Chronos, The Titan of Time, their dear old grandpappy. She’ll probably be charged with releasing Hades (the dude) from bondage.

“Melinoe, like her brother Zagreus in the original game, is not our character and is based upon an ancient Underworld god thought to be related to Hades,” Supergiant Games explained on Hades II’s FAQ page. We were inspired by her story and connections to her family and wanted to expand our understanding of the Underworld.

Supergiant Games has created character designs for Hades II cast. They are all elevens in terms of how beautiful (and sounding!) they all look. Before we start unapologetically thirsting for Melinoe, Princess of the Underworld, and what one can assume are her love interests, Nemesis and Moros, let’s get to know each other better by opening our Greek mythological textbooks.

Supergiant Games has mentioned in its FAQ that Melinoe is not well-known in Greek Mythology. Suppose you are familiar with Zeus’s sexy escapades and any information about his birth. In that case, you won’t be surprised by what is written about Melinoe’s birth. Melinoe is similar to Zagreus in Greek mythology. Her mother is Persephone, the goddess of fertility, Spring. However, her father isn’t Hades, but Zeus, who just happens to be Zagreus’ true father in old lore. Zeus took the form of his brother and married Persephone, resulting in Melinoe. It’s unclear why she is known as the “bringer of madness and nightmares.” Please excuse me as I violently cough toward the sky.

As one might guess from her name, Nemesis is the Greek goddess of revenge. In Greek Mythology, Nemesis’ parents are not a standard agreement. Gaius Julius Hyginus, a Latin author, says Nemesis is the daughter of Nyx, the goth goddess night. According to alternative literature, she is another daughter of Zeus. P.S. Don’t search Helen of Troy’s parents if you don’t want to get a Zeus-related headache. Nemesis is similar to Hades’ domineering Megaera. She wields a whip in combat.

Moros, the Greek god of Doom, is the brother of Thanatos. The trailer suggests that Moros plays a similar role as Thanatos narratively. He is one of the men Melinoe meets when you die. Supergiant Games might feel particularly ambitious with its game design. Moros may also be able to give you foresight about what’s coming in the future, as he historically could allow people to see their deaths. It’s incredible how thoughtful you are.

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We wrote about everyone’s horniness towards Hades in our previous feature. Jen Zee, Supergiant Games’ art director, is responsible for the ungodly cuteness of its new characters. Another reason you may be feeling bodily reactions to the Hades II trailer is its voice actor’s outstanding vocal performances. Similar to the original Hades, Hades II’s cast uses raspy vocal fry to complement the spicy character portraits of Zee. Here’s Avalon Penrose (Megaera’s voice actor) explaining how Megaera gets into character. Marvelous.

Although Hades II has yet to be released, Supergiant Games expects it will be available on P.C. and consoles when it does. We can all make fan art using the trailer to keep us busy.

Hades II

Availability and Early Access

When Hades II becomes available and on which platforms, we will let you know as soon as possible. Although the game is currently in production, there are still many things to do!

Hades II, like its predecessor, will be available in Early Access until its full v1.0 launch. More information about Hades II Early Access will be public in 2023.

Add Hades II to your Steam wishlist or Epic Games Store to be the first to learn about Early Access.

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