Apple Airdrop iOS 16.2

iOS 16.2 limits AirDrop’s ‘Everyone’ option to everyone

Designers are currently able to access the iOS 16.2 Release Candidate. It also includes many modifications and improvements. This enhance also expands an alteration in AirDrop that was previously limited to Asia: it limits the way the “Everyone” choice works along with a new limitation.

AirDrop settings now have a new restriction

Apple historically has offered three options for AirDrop. “Receiving Off” completely disables anyone’s power to AirDrop you anything, while “Contacts” only means that people in your network could AirDrop you something.

You can also choose “Everyone” to have anyone nearby send you a file or photo via AirDrop. This means that anyone around you would be able to see your iPhone as a target via AirDrop, regardless of whether they knew you.

Apple Airdrop iOS 16.2

Apple has made a change to the environment over the last 30 days. You start with iPhone users from Asia. The “Everyone” option could be disabled for 10 minutes in iOS 16.1.1 and iOS 16.2 Beta 2 in Asia. After a 10-minute delay, AirDrop would default to “Contacts Only”

Apple was criticized for this modification. Protesters in Asia were using AirDrop to distribute posters and other content against Xi Jinping as well as the Chinese federal government. Apple accepted the alteration request from the Chinese federal government.

Apple also stated that it may expand the AirDrop global limit starting in 2023. This schedule was apparently expedited by the business. This new restriction regarding AirDrop’s “Everyone” option is now in place globally.

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This means that AirDrop can no longer be permanently enabled for “Everyone”. Instead, it can only be activated for a maximum of ten minutes. Then, you will need to go back into the AirDrop settings and check the “Everyone” option.

The iOS 16.2 RC is now available to designers. We expect the enhancement to be released to everyone in a few days. This update includes many of the most recent modifications and features, such as end-to-end encryption enhancements, Apple music Sing, and much more.

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